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This Product is discontinued, please refer to the Alternatives shown below under Similar Products or contact us directly.

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Light source for use with the UM series modular construction integrating spheres

  • External source for LH-F series halogen lamps up to 100W
  • Diffuse reflector with synthetic coating
  • Fan fo active air-flow lamp socket cooling

The LS-OK30 light source can be fitted with a 5W to 100W LH type halogen lamp. The lamp is placed within a diffuse reflecting hemispheric reflector. This improves the luminous flux efficiency and the light coupling homogeneity. At the lamp foot, an active air current is used for heat dissipation purposes. The LS-OK30 can be attached onto the UMPF-LSOK30 port frame either with or without accessories.

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Variable Aperture for Use With Lamp LS-OK30
Variable aperture for use with lamp LS-OK30. Features: High resolution stepping motor drive for remote control via RS232 interface.
Filter holder for use with lamp LS-OK30. Features: Housing for exchangeable filter mounts. For use with 50mm dia up to 3mm thick filter.
Neutral density filter for use with filter holder LS-OK30-FH. Features: Holes-pattern attenuators. No influence on the light spectrum and color temperature.
Day-light correction filter for use with filter holder LS-OK30-FH. Features: D65 correction of halogenlamps.

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