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This product is no longer manufactured. Remaining stock may still be available. Please refer to the alternatives listed below under "Similar products" or contact us directly.

Alternative Products for this discontinued product:

BTS256-LED Tester
Compact BiTec Spectroradiometer LED Tester for the Measurement of Total Luminous Flux of Single VIS and NIR LEDs


Current Amplifier (Optometer) for Laboratory Use with up to 24 Measurement Heads

  • For use with up to 24 photometric and/or radiometric measurement heads
  • RS232 interface
  • Metal housing

Multi Channel Lightmeter for Long Term Burn-in 

Typical applications for the P-9802 are burn-in and life time measurements but also light distribution measurement applications.

Metal housing for use in strong ambient electromagnetic environments 

For integration of the P-9802 in applications in strong ambient electromagnetic environments, e.g. high power arc lamp measurement, the P-9802s offer a high quality metal housing for best EMV shielding and rack mount option.

Extendable Electronic Design from two to twenty four Channels 

The P-9802 electronics design is based on a master board with an external RS232 interface and an internal I2C bus to control up to 14 amplifier modules P-9802Z-1.The number of modules is order specific allowing the meter to be configured to individual needs. The basic version of the P-9802 has one amplifier module with two signal inputs. Additional amplifier modules allow the optometer to be expanded up to a maximum of 14 amplifier modules. Each module implements a signal amplifier with two switchable signal inputs. Since two channels are in each amplifier always the number of amplifier modules gives the number of channels which can measure simultaneous.

Wide selection of Light Detector for Photometric and Radiometric Measurements 

The flexibility to combine the P-9802 with most Gigahertz-Optik detector heads enables it’s use in a wide application range of radiometric and photometric measurements. The detector heads are connected via BNC sockets located on the front and back panels of the instrument. 

Measurement Range Specifications with Light Detectors

The measurement range of optometer combined with light detector is calculated by the measurement range specification of the optometer and the responsivity of the detector head as follows:

    • Offset signal = Maximum Resolution = meter current offset signal / detector sensitivity
      Sample: 0.1pA (0.1E-12 A) / 3 nA/(mW/cm²) (irradiance detector) = 0.33 nW/cm²


    • Minimum measureable irradiation = offset signal * signal to noise ratio factor
      Sample: 0.33 nW/cm² * 50 = 17 nW/cm²


    • Maximum measureable irradiation*: max. signal current detector / detector sensitivity
      Sample: 200 µA (200E-6 A) / 3 nA/(mW/cm²) = 66667 W/cm²


    • Display range = Offset signal to maximum measureable signal
      Sample: 0.33 nW/cm² to 66667 W/cm²


    • Measurement range: = min measureable irradiation to maximum measureable irradiation
      Sample: 17 nW/cm² to 66667 W/cm²

*) The maximum measureable irradiation value may also be limited by thermal radiation, intense UV radiation or other application dependent parameters which must be considered by the end-user.