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This Product is discontinued, please refer to the Alternatives shown below under Similar Products or contact us directly.

Alternative Products for this discontinued product:

X1-RCH-116 LED UV Curing Meter
UV Curing Radiometer for high intensity LED (UV-A and Blue) irradiation in UV curing processes


Broadband radiometer for polychromatic high-power UVA light sources. Features: Mobile light meter for high intensity UVA irradiance. Simple to use in UV curring applications. For use with polychromatic radiation sources.


The X92 (Xnine two) meter in combination with Gigahertz-Optik’s RCH-008-4 or RCH-108-4 type light detectors forms a compact hand-held radiometer for the measurement of UV-A irradiance in W/cm² and irradiance dose in J/cm² of high intensity light sources. The most common use is the periodical check and adjustment of the irradiance level of spot and flat field sources in UV-A light curing applications.

Designed for High Intensity UV Curing Sources

The RCH detectors are designed for the measurement of high intensity UV-A radiation sources typically used in the UV curing process. The key design feature is the protection of the detector by separating it from the light input element by fiber light guide.

Detector Operation Temperature up to 100°C

Besides UV-A irradiation these types of light sources emit thermal radiation which works to heat up the photocureable material but inadvertently the detector as well so detector protection by isolation is important.

Low Profile Detector

The low profile RCH detectors enable irradiance measurement just 8mm above the exposure plane. UV curing spot sources with fiber light guides up to 8mm diameter can be measured due to the detector’s 9mm diameter measurement aperture with diffuser window. The RCH-008-4 model uses a flexible light guide between the light sensing element and the detector whereas the RCH-108-4 uses a rigid light guide.

Simple to Use

The X92 meter itself is a hand-held battery operated meter with 9 mm high character LCD display for easy viewing. Operating the X92 is simple. Meter and detector fit into the BHO-05 hard-shell case.

Alternative Spectral Responsivities

Besides UV-A detectors Gigahertz-Optik GmbH offers RCH-0 and RCH-1 type detectors with different spectral responsivities. Please check the RCH detector datasheet or contact our sales engineers.

RCH-008-4 Irradiance Detector with flexible fiber

RCH-008-4 Irradiance Detector with flexible fiber

RCH-108-4 Irradiance Detector mit rigid fiber

RCH-108-4 Irradiance Detector mit rigid fiber

relative spectral responsitivity

relative spectral responsitivity

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