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Uniform Light Sources - Unique and Specialist Configurations

We ware experts for custom integrating sphere light sources for specialist applications and for use in demanding environmental conditions. Please contact us with your specific request.

Here some examples of such special configurations are shown

Model Image Sphere Diameter Light output port Calibrated spectral range / nm Light source Output range Remark
ISS-8P-RVA-ROD ISS-8P-RVA-ROD 80 mm Remote 15 mm Ø 360 - 830 nm Red 632nm, Green 520nm, Blue 449nm, White Red 1.99 cd/m2, Green 2.01 cd/m2, Blue 1.98 cd/m2, White 2.00 cd/m2 Light field projected 200 mm in front of sphere. E.g. suitable for use with climatic chambers
ISS-19P ISS-19P-103117 190 mm 3" (380 - 1100) nm 3x100W tungsten (0 - 60000) cd/m² High intensity with lowest inhomogeneity (<0.25%)
ISS-50-LU-FE ISS-50-LU-FE 500 mm Internal samples 3 x 100W tungsten-halogen each 2856K, 5000K or 6000K, filter wheel selected Hemispheric illuminated field due to position of super wide-angle or fish-eye cameras in the sphere center. Three different color temperatures, switchable with filter wheels.
ISS-100-LT ISS-100-LT 1000 mm 10" (variable option available) (380 - 1100) nm Tungsten Configuration for veiling glare measurements of optics and camera systems.
ISS-28P-Xe-V01 ISS-28P-Xe-V01 280 mm 3" 300 nm - 780 nm High power Xenon AM1.5 like see product page perfect suited for aging of components due to high power, AM like spectral power distribution and tunable intensity
ISMS-30-VAS ISMS-30-VAS 300 mm 150 mm light source (port reducer available) 75 mm measurement port (different sizes available) VIS white LED Dual use system for reflection measurements on flat, convex and concave displays and annulus design for separating specular, haze and lambertian reflection